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Scott Scherschel, lead designer, has achieved success with his hands-on approach to design. This approach begins with client meetings to obtain a thorough understanding of the client's design program and a candid discussion of budgetary goals. By working this closely with you in the beginning, we are sure to bring a design that will meet all of your goals.

Once an approved design is in place, we will assist with contractor interview and selection. This piece of the puzzle is key to making your project smooth and successful. We can become your project manager, and be your liaison for all scheduling, in effect "insulating" you from the contractor if desired.

We then assist you with material selection for any and all elements included in the design. This effectively takes a lot of the time and leg-work associated with the project off of your plate, and onto ours!

Charter Oak Design will then make sure that each and every aspect of the project is completed to your wishes, by being in constant contact with the contractor, and passing along any and all pertinent information to you.


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